Why Tie Dye?

I have chosen the tie dye background because my best friend Katie who died in 2010 loved Tie-dye. In honor of her memory I have purchased a matching Tie-dye lead rope and halter. I will also be purchasing her a tie dye saddle pad. Every time we ride we will be honoring the memory of a beautiful person and guardian angel who left this world entirely to soon. 28 years was not nearly long enough. Katie Lynn Fitzgerald O'Grady 1982-2010

Monday, August 20, 2012

Going Away...

I am going to be deleting this blog all together. I will keep my journey to justice blog and try to be more efficient about posting on it. I will be creating a more anonymous blog soon (maybe today) so if you are a regular reader (and verifiable you are who you say you are) just leave a comment and let me know you want the URL.

Thanks for being a reader and sticking with me :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012


There may potentially be some changes in my near future. Just waiting on a call or email. If there is this blog should become a lot more exciting. ;)